OBH COMBI Receives Digital Popular Brand Award 2018

3 tahun yang lalu

This April 2018, OBH Combi received its 5th award for most popular and reliable medicine in the Cough Medication category at Digital Popular Brand Award 2018 held by TRAS N CO Indonesia. General Manager of Respiratory and Family Care, Handojo Noegroho, received the award on Friday, 13th of April 2018 at Hotel Ayana Midplaza, Jakarta.


The fact that OBH Combi was chosen for the Digital Popular Brand Award shows that this brand is a popular, sought-after brand, often talked about consumers online. Data from the Indonesian Association of Internet Providers (APJII) shows that Indonesia's internet consumers have reach 54,68% from its total population in 2017. The dynamic of this digital world has pushed brands to compete in order to gain netizen's trust through adaptabillity, creative content, and constant communication online. Therefore, winning the Digital Popular Brand Award 2018 is something to take pride in.


Congratulations to OBH Combi!