OBH COMBI Has Once Again Won Indonesia Prestige Brand Award 2018

4 tahun yang lalu

As a great start to 2018, OBH Combi reiterate its achievement by winning Indonesian Prestige Brand Award 2018, which is organized by Warta Ekonomi, as Top 5 Prestige Brand in Cough Medicine Product Category. This Award was received by Anastasia Desy as the Senior Brand Manager of OBH Combi on Thurdsay, 25th January 2018 at Hotel Kartika Chandra, Jakarta.

Indonesia Prestige Brand Award 2018 is the second awards organized by Warta Ekonomi and OBH Combi has won the award in this category two years in a row. The evaluation for Indonesia Prestige Brand Award is done through quantitative online survey by Jajak Pendapat (JAKPAT) directly to 16.000 respondents that is divided into 11 industry categories, including the pharmaceutical industry. In other words, OBH Combi is known as the most reliable and trustworthy cough relieve to the consumers across Indonesia.

OBH Combi is proud to be one of the chosen brands and is motivated to keep giving the best to its loyal consumers. Through its constant innovations, OBH Combi believes to answer the challenge arising within a strict competition in the industry, to give the most warmth to all the families in Indonesia.