Madurasa Original

Bottle, Box

Honey drink with original honey taste. Packaged in bottles and sachets which are hygienic and practical. Friends in activities and also useful for body health. AMG Product

Fructose, Glucose, Honey (2.3%), Demineralized Water, Synthetic Honey Flavors, Natural Dyes Caramel III

Madurasa Original is honey drink with original honey taste, packaged in sachet pack or plastic bottle, gives extra freshness for drinking, suitable as energy source for daily activities and good for body health. Madurasa Sachet Original is suitable for direct consumption and can be mixed with food or drinks. The benefits of Madurasa Sachet Original are Maintain stamina and physical immunity, Energy source, Can be mixed with favorite food or drinks as healthier sugar replacement
  • Drink it directly
  • Can be used as a mixture for food and beverages
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