Madu Premium


"Madurasa Premium is a top quality pure honey product with dual functions since it contains Royal Jelly and Bee Pollen. Use not only to maintain health but its also widely used for beauty purposes. AMG Product

Pure Honey, Royal Jelly (0,5%) and Bee Polen (0,5%)

"Madurasa Premium is best quality honey with double functions because it contains Royal Jelly and Bee Pollen. Royal Jelly is liquid that is produced by bees and has more nutrition than honey. While Bee Pollen is flower pollen taken by bees that contains beneficial substances for health, such as amino acid and vitamins. The benefits of Madurasa Premium are: Energy and stamina booster, Immunity booster, Improve brain performance, Accelerate fever or any illness healings, Help therapy healing, Natural antioxidant and antibiotic, Help to relieve allergy and inflammation , Boost digestion system, Help to reduce blood pressure, Increase collagen for skin health and beauty, Anti aging
  • Drink it directly
  • Can be used as a mixture for food and beverages
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