Jamu Bersalin is a series of several types of herbal medicine in the form of pills specifically intended for mothers who have just given birth (1-40 days after giving birth) and are very useful especially for mothers who are in breastfeeding period. AMG Product www.airmancur.co.id
  • Jamu Bersalin 1: Cleaning dirty blood
  • Jamu Bersalin 2: Streamline breastfeeding, restore stamina
  • Jamu Bersalin 3: Streamlining breast milk
  • Param Mustajab: Relax stiff muscles
  • Pilis: Overcoming fireflies, nausea, dizziness
  • Param Beras Kencur: Overcoming aches
  • Tapel: Tightens the abdominal muscles
  • Bedak Intisari: Eliminate itching and acne
  • Minyak Telon: Warms the baby's body "
"Complete 40 days Package to be consumed after giving birth in pil form The funtion of this package : Restore Mother's stamina after give birth, Clean the dirty blood, Tighten the abdominal muscle, Improve the production of breast milk

Used for 40 days after delivery of the baby according to the order of use in the package


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