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Product portfolio that focuses on disease prevention such as vitamin / mineral supplements and cosmeceutical products for external use that are beneficial for maintaining health and appearance in today's changing habits / lifestyle.

Bionect® cream

BIONECT cream contains 0.2% Hyaluronic acid as its main composition which helps accelerate the growth of new skin tissue thus accelerating wound heali...

Fortiboost D3 1000 IU

Fortiboost D3 contains vitamin d3 1000 IU in chewable tablet. Formulated with delicious vanilla flavor and is also gluten free.

Hezandra ®

HEZANDRA is 7 in 1 supplement that works synergistically in maintaining healthy liver function.

Jamu Serbuk Pegal Linu

Herbal herbs made from natural ingredients to relieve aches and pains and help refresh the body. AMG Product

Jamu Serbuk Sakit Pinggang

Natural herbal remedies to prevent and treat back pain, for example stiffness, aches and pains and to facilitate urination. AMG Product www.airmancur....

Jamu Serbuk Sehat Lelaki

Natural herbal herbs to increase endurance, so that it remains healthy, fresh and youthful, as well as improves digestion. AMG Product www.airmancur....