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Product portfolio that focuses on disease prevention such as vitamin / mineral supplements and cosmeceutical products for external use that are beneficial for maintaining health and appearance in today's changing habits / lifestyle.

Prive Uri-cran®

Prive Uricran capsules contain 250 mg of Cranberry extract.

Osteopor ®

OSTEOPOR is a 5 in 1 bone supplement containing calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, zinc, and isoflavones. Each OSTEOPOR capsule is enriched with 30 mg of ...

Jamu Serbuk Sehat Lelaki

Natural herbal herbs to increase endurance, so that it remains healthy, fresh and youthful, as well as improves digestion. AMG Product www.airmancur....


MEDERMA is the product of choice for scar treatment in Indonesia. MEDERMA can help disguise new scars in 8 consecutive weeks of use. MEDERMA is a ge...


Helps relieve mild burns

Maltofer ® Tablet

Maltofer Chew tablets are iron preparations containing 100 mg of iron as Iron (III) -Hydroxide Polymaltose Complex in the form of chewable tablets. Ma...