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The series of OTC (over the counter) to treat and relieve a variety of symptoms such as coughs and colds, eye irritation, so that consumers can get back on their active lifestyle. Well-known and trusted brands: OBH Combi, Insto, Peditox.

Insto® Dry Eyes

Insto® Dry Eyes - 7.5 ml

Insto® Regular - 7.5 ml

To relief of eye redness and minor eye irritations caused by smoke, dust, etc.

Jointfit ® Extra

Reduce joint and muscle pain.

Jointfit ®

Jointfit Roller Gel contains N-Acetyl-D-Glucosamine to reduce joint pain. Jointfit Roller Gel enriched with Nano Vitamin E and Aloe Vera helps to k...

Madurasa Fitkidz Bottle 140 gr PET

Honey multivitamin for kids, helps to boost immunity, made from natural ingredients, hygienically and sterile processed, packaged in PET bottles. M...

Madurasa Lime Bottle 150gr PET

Honey drink with additional lime flavour, packaged in PET bottle pack, gives you extra freshness for drinking. Fit for activity drink, and good for bo...