3 months ago

In this new academic year, Face-to-face Learning (FTFL, –PTM or Pembelajaran Tatap Muka in Indonesian) has been carried out by all schools in Indonesia after more than 2 years of online learning. According to the Minister of Education, FTFL must be carried out in stages so that children do not experience learning loss. There are fears that the longer children spend learning online or through online schooling, only that it will cause a lost generation and there is a real risk of the children's literacy skills decreasing and their interest in reading in general (literacy loss).

FTFL is able to directly address some of the psychological problems of children who are getting bored with distance learning and need to interact directly with teachers and their friends. Many children have complained of difficulty concentrating during the online learning process.

When your child has started FTFL, what should be prepared so that there is no transmission of the Covid-19 virus? Before leaving for school:

  • Make sure you have breakfast with enough nutrition
  • Healthy body condition, normal body temperature (below 37.3 C) no cold or cough
  • Wear a mask and bring a spare mask
  • Bring hand sanitizer and eating utensils from home
  • Bring complete school equipment

During activities at school, students must keep their distance from each other and always wear masks. Using their own stationery, not using a friend's. Teachers must also be vigilant and must remind students to always keep their distance, use masks and wash their hands diligently. Especially for elementary school students who will still need to be reminded.

Just as important is that when your little one arrives home, is to follow the guidelines given by the COVID-19 Handling Task Force:

  1. Wash your hands with soap or use hand sanitizer before removing the mask.
  2. Throw away disposable masks. Put the disposable masks in the plastic before throwing them away. Cloth masks must be washed.
  3. After removing the mask, wash your hands again with soap or use hand sanitizer.
  4. Take off your footwear, and put your belongings (bags, jackets, hats, drinking bottles, ID cards, folders, paper holders) outdoors.
  5. Disinfect these items.
  6. After disinfecting items, don't forget to wash your hands again with soap or use hand sanitizer.
  7. Put the uniform (clothes worn in school) in the washing machine or soaked in detergent water. Clothes must be washed immediately, don't hang them up for reuse because the COVID-19 virus can stick to children's clothes.
  8. Have a shower and wash their hair.

Has your little one followed all the health protocols during FTFL?