2 months ago

When a person starts to get older, at a certain point, there starts to be a decline both physically and even psychologically due to an aging body. However, these declines are not a barrier for the elderly, who can continue to be happy, active, and healthy.

At what age is a person classified as elderly? An elder is someone who is more than or equal to 55 years old (WHO, 2013). In this age range, there is a decrease in the ability of the body’s tissues to repair themselves and maintain their normal structure and function. Aging is influenced by various factors, including genetic factors, culture, race, nutrition, and environmental factors. The latter can come from outside and from within the body itself.

There are people who look fit and healthy at age 55. On the other hand, there are people who are younger but actually look older than their age. Maintaining physical fitness and health is actually an investment in youth, but there is nothing wrong with starting at an old age. Let's check the following tips!

  • Don't be lazy to move

Many elderly people feel comfortable just staying at home. However, this should be avoided, because being active is one of the best ways for maintaining fitness for the elderly. Being active is a good way to not only maintain physical health but also mental health and also increase life expectancy. Being active can also reduce the risk of serious illness and disability due to aging.

  • Have a diet and eat healthy food and drinks

A healthy diet is not just for weight loss. Diets can be used to help you eat healthy with more nutritious foods that are balanced with the number of nutrients needed by your body. For the elderly, it is recommended to eat foods low in saturated fat such as fish with high omega-3 content, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, fruits, and vegetables. As for fluid intake, it is recommended to drink lots of water. You can drink tea, coffee, and fruit juices with less sugar. As much as possible avoid drinks that are too cold and sweet.

  • Train your memory sharpness and thinking skills

Try not to be too lazy to memorize, to practice brain sharpness activities and thinking skills. This is important for the elderly so that their mind stays in a good condition, so they can stay productive and so they don't forget things easily. Train your memory sharpness and thinking skills by trying games such as riddles, puzzles, and crosswords.

  • Do regular medical checkups

As the body ages, it becomes more susceptible to diseases and medical conditions as many organ functions start to degenerate. This is why it is important for the elderly to routinely have medical checkups and medical examinations. This way any illness, disease, or health condition can be detected early and treated early increasing their quality of life and life expectancy.  

With a fit and healthy body, the elderly can be happy, active, enthusiastic, and productive, while in their golden years of life.