4 months ago

Osteoporosis is a condition when bone density decreases so that the bones become porous and break easily. This situation interferes with mobility and makes the sufferer unable to move freely.

In its early stages, osteoporosis often does not cause any symptoms. This condition is usually only known when a person has an injury that causes a fracture. However, in advanced stages, patients usually experience the following:

  • Back pain that is caused by a broken or crushed spine
  • Loss of height over time 
  • Stooped posture
  • Bones break easily

Generally, osteoporosis is experienced by the elderly, because as a person ages the bone tissue in the human body naturally decreases. But the fact is that many young people already have osteoporosis. What caused it?

  • Smoking and drinking habits

Smoking and consuming excessive amounts of alcohol can slow down the production of bone-forming cells and interfere with calcium absorption.

  • Minimal physical activity

Exercise can make bones grow denser and maintain bone mass. On the other hand, being physically inactive can lead to a decrease in bone mass.

  • Improper nutrition

Osteoporosis is also diagnosed in those who consume soft drinks in excess and lack calcium and vitamin D intake.

  • Female gender

Women's bone mass is smaller and thinner than that of men, and young women who have low bone density are at higher risk of developing osteoporosis later in life.

Osteoporosis is also more common in women who have entered menopause. This condition is caused by reduced levels of the hormone estrogen, which plays an important role in maintaining bone density. The age of menopause for each woman is not the same, but generally, they are in the age range of 45-55 years.

So, to avoid the risk of osteoporosis at a young age, change your lifestyle by not smoking and not consuming alcohol, exercising regularly, basking in the sun, and eating nutritious foods rich in calcium such as anchovies, broccoli, soy products, dairy products, and vegetables such as broccoli. Sounds good?