4 months ago

Your mood/mindset affects daily productivity. Many of us quickly experience mood swings due to various conditions, stress, events, and surroundings. When you are not in a good mood it makes everything harder. It makes it more difficult to concentrate, to stay motivated, and it can interfere with all your daily activities.

You need to be careful if these mood swings become more common and extreme. Have you ever heard the term bipolar disorder? Bipolar disorder is a mental disorder characterized by drastic changes in mood. People with this disorder can have feelings of extreme happiness and then suddenly have feelings of extreme sadness or depression.

So what is the difference between bipolar disorder and just being moody? The main difference is the speed of mood swings and the intensity. A person who has bipolar disorder can experience episodes of mania often followed by long periods of depression, the change can often be sudden and without warning.  

What are the signs that someone has bipolar disorder? A person with bipolar disorder will experience intense emotional feelings at certain periods, known as mood episodes. During this period, they may appear overly happy and excited (manic episodes) and then later exhibit a form of extreme sadness and loss of will (depressive episodes). In addition to this, they may become irritable, have difficulty concentrating, experience drastic changes in their diet, and have trouble sleeping.

The most fatal impact for people with bipolar disorder is a depressive episode. In this episode, there is a risk of suicide or other extreme actions that can endanger the safety of his own life and those around him.

Methods of treatment can be done in the form of medication and psychotherapy. The types of medication used to treat bipolar disorder can also vary, depending on how the patient's condition is and the symptoms they are experiencing at that time.

If the patient is no longer experiencing bipolar symptoms, they must consult a doctor before making any changes to their medication. Staying on medication too long when they have reduced or no symptoms can lead to experiencing drug dependence.

Until now, the exact cause of the bipolar disorder is not known. However, this condition is thought to occur due to genetic factors. In addition, environmental factors and lifestyle can also play a role. Medication is not the only way to help someone with bipolar. The best thing a family, friends, and loved ones can do is to be supportive and remain positive. Let's all treat everyone the right way.