2 months ago

Not only physical health but also children's mental health must be a concern of parents. Mental health is a very important part of a person's overall health and well-being. Therefore, parents have an important role in supporting the mental health of their children.

A child is said to be mentally healthy if he can start and maintain pleasant personal relationships with adults and friends his age. Other characteristics are psychomotor development according to age stages, having the ability to play, learning according to age and intelligence development, and having a moral understanding of right and wrong and good and bad.

One of the mental disorders that children may experience is depression. A child who looks sad is not necessarily depressed. However, if the sadness persists or interferes with social activities, makes the child lose interest, hinders performance at school, or interferes with relationships with family, this could mean the child needs support from mental health professionals.

What causes depression? Depression generally occurs when someone experiences stress for a long time. Depression in children occurs as a reaction to an event, for example, abuse, violence at school, the death of someone close to them, or family problems such as domestic violence or parental separation.

Parents can take the following approaches to deal with depression in children:

  • Invite children to talk heart to heart about what they feel openly without any element of judgment.
  • Spending time with children. Create an environment that is warm, calming, and conducive to activities that children like and are appropriate for their age.
  • Do healthy activities. Make a regular eating and sleeping schedule, and do physical activity to help put your children in a positive mood.
  • Encourage children to express their feelings. It can be through stories, pictures, or in the form of writing in a diary.
  • Try to prevent children from being in situations that can cause excessive stress, including situations where they have the potential to receive inappropriate treatment or violence.

If you have concerns about your children showing signs of depression, don't hesitate to consult a professional who handles mental health. Because only professionals are able to carry out this diagnosis.