11 months ago

Want to lose weight but not suffer? You could try a fasting diet or even better try intermittent fasting. 

Normal diets are generally done by reducing the portion of food, this is not the case with intermittent fasting (fasting diet). This diet method controls eating patterns by having fasting periods. But during these times, you can still consume non-calorie drinks, such as plain water, plain tea, or black coffee. Interesting, isn’t it?

It is so flexible that you have 3 methods to choose from: 

  • 16/8 Method

This method applies 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours of eating. For example: eating time is 2 pm – 10 pm, other than that time is fasting time.

  • Eat-Stop-Eat

This one can be considered quite intense because the fasting is done for 24 hours. For example: fasting after dinner, until dinner the next day. Then the next 24 hours you are free to eat as normal. Usually, this method is done once a week.

  • 5:2 Diet

This method is done by reducing your calorie intake down to 25 percent of the normal amount consumed. This method can be done 2 days per week, but it doesn't have to be sequential. During the remaining five days, you can eat food as usual.

In addition to losing weight effectively, this type of fasting diet is also believed to lower insulin, increase growth hormone levels, reduce belly fat and lower bad cholesterol levels in the body.

However, not everyone is advised to try this fasting diet, if you have problems with blood sugar levels, have low blood pressure, on medications, then you must first talk to your doctor before trying any diet changes. And if you are pregnant or lactating you should not try this diet.

Although everyone can feel the effects differently while on this diet, to get optimal results, you should do the fasting diet consistently and not overeat when not fasting. Are you interested in giving intermittent fasting a try?