8 months ago

When the rainy season arrives, many people usually fall ill. In this season, bacteria and viruses easily multiply. People who have a weak or compromised immune system are at a greater risk of getting sick in the rainy season due to all the extra viruses and bacteria. Some of the viruses and bacteria that appear in the rainy season are flu, diarrhea, typhus, dengue fever, and leptospirosis.

When you have contact with rainwater, you should change your clothes and bathe, because rainwater is likely contaminated with pollution particles and bacteria, and viruses. Wearing wet clothes can lead to you experiencing hypothermia, immediately change with dry clothes and take a warm bath so that your body becomes warm and comfortable. Do not forget to pay attention to your water intake and intake of supplements to maintain your body's endurance.

To avoid getting sick in the rainy season, you should always try to keep your body and immune system in top condition. Below are some suggestions of things you can try to stay healthy. 

  • Maintain healthy nutritional intake

Nutritional intake is very important to maintain endurance so that nutrients are fulfilled. We must pay attention to a healthy diet by consuming five food groups every day or every meal. The five food groups are staple foods, side dishes, vegetables, fruits, and beverages

  • Exercise regularly

Exercise regularly, at least 30 minutes a day 5 times a week. Physical exercise for 30 minutes a day can activate the body’s white blood cells which are the body's main defense against infections and diseases.

  • Maintain sleep quality

Sleep is the time when the body regenerates cells. However, quality sleep is needed to get a fit body. Each age range has different recommended hours of sleep. For adults, it is 7-9 hours.


  • Manage stress

Everyone has problems in life. Stress has a physiological impact, such as restlessness, increased heart rate, and becoming tired more easily. However, the ability to manage stress is very important to keep your body from being attacked by various infections and diseases. Relaxation is one surefire way to reduce the stress you experience.

It is critical, especially during a pandemic, that your body's immune system and stamina be maintained so it's in top condition. Never forget to always maintain health protocols: wash your hands with soap and water, wear a mask and avoid crowds. Stay safe and healthy, everyone!