Five Medicinal Plants for Treating Diabetes

3 years ago

The development of diabetes has recently grown a bigger concern among us. People with diabetes have tried taking various treatments. Among the treatments is the use of herbal medication, using the medicines made from medicinal plants.

Do you know that the following five plants are good as medication for diabetes? Let’s get to know more about these plants.

1. Onion

Other than being a kitchen ingredient, according to the National Institute of Health (NIH), 50 grams of onion juice taken every day can significantly reduce our blood sugar content. This is because this plant, with a scientific name of allium cepa, contains antioxidants, hypolipidemic agents, and S-methyl cysteine sulfoxide (SMCS) that can help to control blood sugar content and liver function.

2. Garlic

In addition to onion, garlic is another good kitchen ingredient for treating diabetes. American Diabetes Association says this plant with the scientific name of allium sativum contains S-allyl cysteine sulfoxide (SACS) and allicin that can help to control insulin production in the liver, thus controlling the blood sugar content.

3. Aloe

According to, aloe gel can be made into juice drinks that are good for treating diabetes. The gel contains hypoglycemic agents that can reduce blood sugar content. Other than that, according to, the gel is also good for reducing or preventing inflammation.

4. Mango

There is more to mangoes than their delicious flavors. Mangoes contain anti-diabetic substances, says website Also, the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition explains that the hypoglycemic agents in mangoes, scientifically named mangivera indica, can control the blood sugar content by regulating glucose levels.

5. Guava

We know guava for its good taste, but apparently the leaves offer a lot of health benefits. According to, guava-leaf tea can reduce blood sugar level. American Diabetes Association adds to this by saying it is because the leaves of guava, scientifically named psidium guajava, contain hypoglycemic agents.

These five types of medicinal plants are continuously being researched to confirm the contents, with the hope that they can be used in the medical field, especially for treating diabetes.