A Careful Mother, A Healthy Family

2 months ago

The role of the mother in a family is significant, you could even say that mothers 'should not' be sick because if a mother is sick, everything will fall apart. Including things regarding children, husband, and other household matters.

A mother is not only giving birth but also has big responsibilities so that their child is physically and mentally healthy, can grow and develop, and will become part of a great generation in the future.

Raising children is the responsibility of both the father and mother, a mother's emotional attachment to the one who gave birth and is more often around their child certainly has a larger portion than the father's. Therefore, mothers have a vital role in raising resilient and well-rounded children.

Apart from ensuring that the child's nutritional intake is met, parents need to educate their children to have healthy eating habits. One of the mother's responsibilities is to serve food that not only is delicious but also contains complete nutrition.

Nutritious food is essential to maintain a healthy body and support a child's growth and development. It is also important to cook a variety of foods every day so that there is no boredom and all the nutrition for the whole family is well provided for.

A child's growth and development must also be supported by good stimulus, especially in the first five years of their life. This not only has a positive impact on a child's brain development during this key period but also on their child's learning abilities in the future.

  • Cognitive stimulus (intellectual)
  • Motor stimulus (body-limb coordination skills)
  • Communication stimulus (ability to write, read, & communicate)
  • Social stimulus (socializing with other friends)

A husband's support is an important factor in strengthening the mother's ability to carry out her duties as a family manager. A happy mother will be able to carry out her duties well, thereby creating a generation that is physically and mentally healthy. Happy Mother's Day to all the great mothers!