Walking for Exercise

Walking is a simple exercise that be done anytime and anywhere. To motivate yourself to walk routinely, just remember that this kind of exercise brings so many benefits and keeps your body fit and healthy. Walking routinely, at least three times a week, will make your body healthier and stronger to fight against any disease. The following are some benefits of walking:

1. Prevents diabetes

Type 2 diabetes mostly occurs in people with excess weight. To keep the blood sugar in a stable level, you have to walk about 150 minutes a week or 30 minutes a day. By doing so consistently, the risk of having diabetes may decrease up to 58%

2. Prevents osteoporosis

Walking can also prevent osteoporosis and is one of the best ways to strengthen the bones as well as build the bone mass. Take adequate amounts of Vitamin D and calcium to boost the optimal results of walking.

3. Reduces body weight

Obesity is a leading cause of various diseases. A lot of people run a strict diet or take hormone injections to rapidly reduce their body weight. However, these instant methods will have a negative impacts in the future. The best ways to lose body weight are through exercise and a healthy diet. Walking at least three times a week for 50 minutes a session is a good option as it t will help to reduce the body weight up to 7% per week. By walking, the calories will burn easily as all the body muscles are in motion.

4. Improves mental fitness.

Besides making our body healthy, walking also refreshes our minds and reduces stress. By walking in pollution free and serene areas, we feel refreshed as we breathe in fresh air and take in the calmness of our surroundings.

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