Tips for a good sleep while traveling

Adults need seven to eight hours of sleep every night for their body to function optimally. Unfortunately, this is often difficult during traveling, because of many reasons such as the uneasiness to sleep in a foreign place.

According to dr. David Rapoport, MD, the Chief of NYU Sleep Disorder Program, a good night sleep is necessary for maintaining a good mood and keep the body fit. The lack of sleep is usually indicated by the following symptoms:

- Feeling fatigue

- Feeling sleepy the whole day

- Yawning

- Feeling sensitive

- Headache

- Unstable blood pressure

All the above symptoms will certainly disturb our physical condition when we are traveling. Dr. Jason C. Baker, MD, an endocrinologist from Cornell Medical College, also added that the lack of sleep will disturb the brain functions, affecting the cognitive ability and emotional state. But you can try the following tips to get more relaxed while traveling, especially when you are traveling using public transportation like buses, trains or planes.

- Use a sleep mask to get a good sleep.

- Use ear plugs or a headset to reduce the noise.

- Take some items that can help your sleep, like a neck pillow or your comfortable blanket.

Some travelers also have difficulty sleeping in an unfamiliar place because the room ambiance and the bed are different from theirs at home. But try these tips from Professor Colin Espie, a sleep expert from the University of Oxford, for a better sleep during traveling:

- Take something from your bedroom, such your favorite doll or pillow. This will make the room ambiance more familiar to you.

- Make the room as comfortable as possible for you. When you first step into a hotel room, look around. Maybe you want to rearrange some things to make it more comfortable.

- Turn off the light and silent your smartphone. Make the room ambiance as relaxing as you can.

The lack of sleep will disturb our activities during traveling because the body is unfit. So make sure you get enough sleep while traveling.

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