Symptoms of Influenza

In transitional seasons, the weather shifts quickly between heat and rain. The often extreme changes make our body more susceptible to viral and bacterial infections. The more common problem is influenza, which we often suffer from when our immunity declines.According to National Institutes of Health, flu viruses are transmitted through an infected person’s saliva that is sprayed when the person coughs or sneezes. Let’s take a look at some initial symptoms of flu:

1. Fatigue

During the rainy season when we have less exposure to sunlight, we tend to feel tired more easily. But we need to be able to tell the difference, whether we are feeling tired more easily simply due to the weather or we are experiencing fatigue. When we get flu symptoms, the tiredness is fatigue and when this happens, we need to make sure that we get plenty of rest to regain our stamina.

2. Muscle pains and chills

A person infected by flu viruses usually experiences muscle pains in the entire body(especially around the head and legs) and chills, followed by fever. No wonder they just want to stay in bed the whole time.

3. Cough

Flu infection brings the initial symptoms of continuous cough along with chills and chest pain. The cough can produce phlegm, so if you are infected with flu, you should wear a mask to prevent the transmission to other people in the surrounding.

4. Sore throat

The itchiness and irritation due to flu infection usually cause sore throat. When this happens, it is a good idea to consume warm foods like short rib soup and warm tea to soothe the throat.

5. Digestive problem

Sometimes, flu symptoms also include diarrhea, nausea, stomach pain, and vomit. These symptoms are more common among children than adults.

6. Fever

Fever is a signal given by our body that it is fighting an infection. The body temperature may rise to 38 degree Celsius, and the infected person experiences chills along with fever.

7. Severe symptoms

Flu is an illness that deteriorates our body’s condition and sometimes the symptoms become really severe and the infected person will need immediate medical treatment, especially when the symptoms include chest pain, breathing difficulty, severe dehydration, blueish skin color, and recurring fever.

One of the effective ways to recover from influenza is by resting and eating well.

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