Set your mindset for a healthier life

You have a nice pair of sneakers and a membership to a popular fitness center. Still, a trip to the gym seems like a long, difficult journey. But it’s all in the mind, folks! All you need is a special trick to set your mind for a more geared, motivated heart towards a healthier life. This is how you can do it:

1. Set your commitment

Making exercise a habit doesn’t come without a bit of effort. The commitment to get a healthy body must be started with a strong motivation to live the lifestyle that supports it.

If your coworkers ask invite you to hangout when you are on your way to the gym, focus your mind on how happy you will feel after a sweaty run on the treadmill. When you feel a little bit demotivated, remind yourself that you have committed to a plan that can only be achieved if you have a healthy body.

2. Choose activities you enjoy

A workout habit will be easier to keep if you choose exciting and useful workout activities. There is a long list of exercises you can choose to keep your weight stable and get fit. If you are an outdoorsy type, biking, hiking, or rock climbing may be a great choice.

You can also do things you enjoy doing while exercising, such as watching TV while pedaling a stationary bike, chatting with a friend while taking a walk, or moving with the music while doing chores.

3. Make exercise your morning priority

Right now, set your alarm and get everything ready for you to exercise in the morning. Maintaining physical training at the same time every day can help to make it a healthy habit. This statement is also supported by a study by the University of North Texas, which has found that people who exercise in the mornings can keep their routines better than those who exercise in the evenings.

4. Record your progress

When you work out, take a timer with you to record your training time. Keep a journal of your training time, when you are walking, running or biking, for instance. You can also record the distance you cover within a certain time length. This can also make your commitment stronger, especially if you have seen some progress.

5. Keep your determination when you feel tired

Exercise is tiring. You have to spend your time working out at the gym or running on the street, instead of resting at home or hanging out with friends. But rather than letting your mind be filled with excuses that will keep your from doing exercise, you’d be better off focusing your mind of how you will feel after accomplishing your intention to exercise. To make it easier, get a workout partner that will keep encouraging you or give yourself a reward to pump up your motivation.

Laziness is a challenge you must fight against and overcome when you are starting to live healthy. Let’s set your mindset to win over this and make exercise a daily habit. 

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