Preventing Hepatitis A Infection

While hepatitis B is transmitted through blood or body fluid, hepatitis A tends to transmit through foods and water that have been contaminated by the feces of an infected person. Therefore, bad sanitation can make people prone to this highly contagious liver infection. Of course we don’t want to be infected, do we? Let’s read about the ways to protect us from this infection.

1. Get vaccinated

Theo Heller, M.D., a member of National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, recommends hepatitis A vaccine as a prevention measure. This vaccine will train the body to attack the viruses. This way, the body will be more immune to this highly contagious liver infection.

2. Keep your hands clean

After using a public toilet, always wash your hands with warm water and soap. If these are not available, use a wet tissue and hand sanitizer. After you change a baby diaper, also wash your hand clean before touching any food.

3. Only consume clean water

Because hepatitis A viruses can be easily transmitted through contaminated water, always avoid consuming water from sources of questionable hygiene. According to the observation of the World Health Organization (WHO), in the developing countries with bad sanitation and low hygiene awareness, almost 90 percent of the children have been infected by hepatitis A virus before they reach 10 years old.

4. Keep a good waste disposal system

In addition to maintain the cleanliness of the water used in daily activities, good waste disposal system will protect us from hepatitis A virus. Try your best to avoid accumulating garbage near the area where you store food or near the sources of water like a well or a river.

If you are accidentally in contact with something that may carry hepatitis A virus, visit your doctor’s office immediately for a medical examination. Remember, early detection is the key to a high chance of recovery.

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