A list of resolutions to live healthy in 2017

We usually make a list of plans to achieve our resolutions at the beginning of the year. Other than career improvement and more exciting love life, a healthy life is often mentioned in the list. To achieve your resolutions, you need to have the best plans, like the following:

1. Paint your plate with colors

Having colorful fruits and vegetables on your plate is not only appetizing. Fruits are rich with vitamins, minerals, fibers and antioxidants, helping the body to function optimally. Also, consume more vegetables to fulfill the body’s needs for nutrition. Those who want to lose weight can make vegetables a “must have” item in their daily meals as one of the plans to achieve their resolution to live healthy.

The website webmd.com suggests consuming five portions of fruits and vegetables every day. While it may sound hard, you can do it by adding fruit into every dish, like smoothies for breakfast, fresh fruit as snacks and fruit salad as desserts in the evenings.

2. Take multivitamin

Choose the multivitamins that are made from natural ingredients and take a proper dose of them. To improve your body’s immunity, choose complex multivitamins convenient to be consume according to the instruction.

3. Save Money!

You can also cut back your spending when you change your lifestyle. Walk or bike to work, and reduce the extra costs like paying for a gym. There are tons of options that can burn some calories. You can play video games like Nintendo's Wii Fit Plus or Microsoft's Xbox Kinect Your Shape Fitness Envolved. Also, reduce buying snacks or other things you don’t need. Always check your fridge before making the trip to the supermarket.

4. Know your food

You must know your food! Don’t eat simply to fill your stomach. You must know that what we eat has direct effect to our body. Get to know the nutrition contained in the food you eat and what your body needs. Try your best not to eat excessively and discipline yourself by eating the right portion.

5. Have more rest

You may have heard that sleep is good for health. A good quality sleep will make you look better and have better mood when you wake up. Besides, having enough sleep can prevent obesity and diabetes type 2. So, take a nap and don't feel guilty about it.

Living healthy is not an impossible resolution to achieve. Do it step by step to get a healthy life, like you want it.

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