Let's Become An Environmentally Responsible Traveler

Traveling… who doesn’t love traveling, especially if it is free of charge? Most of you will say you love traveling. And recreation has been a necessity in the modern life, a getaway from the routines that can refresh our mind and body. 

However, as the world travels more these days, the abundant number of tourists often produce a lot of waste. The big piles of waste have become part of the view in places popular among tourists, especially at long holiday seasons.

Here we want to bring to your attention some of the things we need to do to become an environmentally responsible traveler.

Do not litter

Tourists in popular destinations, especially the places of nature like mountains and beaches, often leave a lot of garbage. Website ecologycenter.org says that the garbage does not only pollute, but also has the potential to damage the ecosystem of the surrounding.

Yes, these places are often not equipped with waste bins, but it doesn’t mean we can litter. We should bring some bags for storing waste and carrying them to be disposed into the nearest waste bins we find.

Do not consume too much electricity

Gadgets are a necessity during holidays. However, website nature.org suggests to only bring the most necessary gadgets when you travel on a holiday. The purpose is to reduce the consumption of electricity in places where we stay.

Save water

We can manifest our love of the environment by reducing the use of water in places we visit during our vacation, even if you stay in a luxurious hotel, villa or other accommodation. According to ecotourism.org, we need to know that the hotel industry consumes abundant of ground water every day. By reducing the use of water, such as for shower, at least you do something as an environmentally responsible traveler.

Use public transportation

The private vehicles crowding the streets in a big number have been blamed for serious carbon emission. Therefore, ecotourism.org suggests using public transportation as a way to keep the environment nice and pollution-free. If it is possible, walk on your vacation. This is even more environmentally friendly, and healthier, too.

Try these and be a responsible traveler!

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