Joining the Trend: Dancing for Exercising

Let’s dance…! Dancing is fun, yet it is also a great exercise to maintain fitness and get the lean body without doing all those boring monotonous moves. Whether you dance in a big group, in a pair, or alone, they are all fun. We don’t realize it that we are actually doing exercise. Let’s take a look on why dancing is great for health and how many calories we can burn by dancing.

1. Aerobic dance

Dancing is an aerobic exercise, meaning it gets the heart, lungs and blood vessels to work together. The recent study by California State University, Northridge shows that dancing improves cardio performance in the same way as walking and cycling. Most dances, including the mildest one like waltz, are equivalent to walking 3 mph. This study also says that people who dance nonstop for 20 – 60 minutes three to five times a week will get the same results as aerobic fitness indicator issued by American College of Sports Medicine.

2. Toning and shaping

Dancing involves many muscle movements, so your muscles will be tired. This is a normal reaction to all physical activities that proves your muscles are functioning. These moves will not only burn the calories in your body, but also help to tone and shape your muscles.

3. Strengthening bones and joints

Dancing helps to reduce the risk of osteoporosis because the moves and steps in dancing give pressure or weight to the bones and thus help to keep the bone density and strength. It means you’ll have lower risk of fracture. Besides, some dancing moves like leg bending, spinning, pressing and sidelining are really good for the muscles and joints because they help to delay osteoarthritis for old people.

4. Weight management

Dancing is an effective exercise for maintaining good weight. Dancing with moderate intensity can burn 250 to 300 calories / hour while with high intensity, dancing can burn more than 400 calories per hour.

5. Improving the flexibility and mobility

Some other benefits of dancing are flexibility, balance, coordination, and strength because dancing will make us spin, bend, curve, etc. These things are very important for us when we are older because they will reduce the risk of falling and help to maintain mobility and independence.

6. Manajemen stress

The music that is used for dancing can improve our mood and reduce stress. The moves in dancing can also help to release us from the stress of a fast-paced life. The dancing room is a great place to socialize and interact with others in a relaxed ambiance. We will leave the room feeling more confident.

7. Prevention from illnesses

Dancing regularly for at least 30 minutes each time can reduce the risk of cardiovascular illnesses, hypertension, type 2 diabetes and cancer.

8. Healthy mind

Doing quickstep or tango regularly will maintain an active brain. Dancing exercises can improve blood circulation and help the distribution of oxygen to the brain. Memorizing the complex moves and steps in dancing will stimulate memory power and thus reduce the risk of Alzheimer or dementia. The music rhythms also stimulate brain power and is good for our mental health.

How many calories can we burn by dancing?

- Swing dance: 235 calories/hour

- Square dance: 265 calories/hour

- Ballet: 300 calories/hour

- Belly dance: 280 calories/hour

- Salsa dance: 420 calories/hour

- Zumba dance: 500 calories/hour

Isn’t it great if we can take up exercise to maintain good health and good weight, and at the same time enjoy the activity? Even more, we will have a healthy mind and forever-young mentality. So, let’s move, let’s dance……!

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