The Importance of "Me Time" for Better Emotion

Have you heard about “me time”? Yes, taking some time for yourself is good not only psychologically, but also physically. Give yourself some time to rest to make the mind more relaxed, fresh and happy. Besides, there are still other benefits you can enjoy after having your “me time”.

1. It reduces stress

When we feel overwhelmed, stressed and sad because of the pressure at work or a personal problem, we are often focused on the negative side. Sometimes being in the crowd or among friends makes us feel down and more depressed. But if you can manage to steal some time for yourself, you may be able to control and reduce the emotional swings you have.

When you start to feel stress, find a quiet place where you can sit down peacefully, like a café or a local park. Take a journal to write about your feelings. Venting off can make us feel relieved. You can also grab a fun book and enjoy reading it in a comfortable corner at home, with a nice cup of hot tea or coffee.

2. It makes you a better friend

Does taking some distance from the friends to have a me time sound selfish? In fact, allocating the time for yourself within your social life will indeed make your more empathetic. According to a study by the Harvard University as quoted by, empathy is an ability to get connected and feel others’ problems and emotions.

To strengthen this ability, you can spend some time away from your friends. But tell them you need some time alone before you do this, so they won’t think that you are keeping a distance because you don’t want to be a friend anymore.

3. It makes you more confident

Bad days can happen anytime. Deadlines, failed diet, and problems with your partner can cause a bad day. All this can make you stressed and your self-esteem hit rock bottom. Katherine L. Muller, PsyD from the Center for Integrative Psychotherapy suggests taking some time to empty the mind.

Use your senses to make your moods happy and relaxed again. Get a pedicure, enjoy the flowers in the park, or enjoy the smell of a freshly baked cake. These small things will make you feel happier and improve your self-esteem. So let’s make time to gain your confidence back.

Don’t pass up the benefits of me time. Let’s schedule one this week!

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