This is How Love Keeps You Healthy

Don’t worry, be happy! This simple quote is quite inspiring. Feeling happy doesn’t only make us look better, but also it keeps us healthier. Some studies say happiness can even prevent and cure some illnesses, as it is often linked to some of the benefits below.

1. Happiness can cure a headache

The stressful work condition or an unsettled personal problem can make us feel depressed and unhappy. We may appear gloomy and suffer from some health problems like muscle strain, dizziness, and heartburn.

If this happens to you, you don’t need to take a lot of medicines. Maybe you just need to be happy, as explained on the website, which shows the impacts of the positive emotion we feel when we get flowers, burst into laughter and feel enthusiastic over something. Such emotion can also reduce pain.

2. Happiness leads to a healthier heart

People say love and happiness can make the heart beats faster. In fact, people who live a happier life have lower heartbeat and blood pressure, which is good to prevent hypertension and heart attack.

According to the website, people who are optimistic have 77% lower risk of heart attack compared to the pessimists. Researchers believe this must be associated with the ability to handle problems without feeling stressed.

3. Happiness prevents cancer

Happiness is also often linked to the faster recovery from serious illnesses like cancer. Negative emotions like resentment, vengeance, hatred and anger have been blamed for cancer since a long time ago by the Chinese traditional medical practitioners. According to the Journal of The Institute for Traditional Medicine and Preventive Health Care, cancer is caused by anxiety, depression and overthinking, which are all bad for health.

4. Happiness reduces the stress hormones

Stress doesn’t only affect the emotion, but also it triggers health problems like hormonal changes and increased blood pressure. To overcome this, do thing that will make you happy, like exercising, doing your hobby or gathering with friends and family. The study published by shows that happier people produce 23% lower cortisol stress hormones.

5. Happiness improves our body’s fitness

Being happy also gives you a life’s goal. You will be more energized every day when you are exercising or committing to eating healthy. Besides, also says that people with lower stress level can sleep better, so they feel fresher when they wake up.

6. Happiness reduces exhaustion

The optimists usually have higher productivity. The body is more fit because they have more energy to work out, sleep well and feel more relaxed. All these will give them better endurance to keep moving.

Being happy gives us lots of benefits, emotionally and physically. Let’s be happy today!

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