Get to Know Five Types of Waste Bins in Your City

By definitions, waste is divided into organic and nonorganic waste. Organic waste can be broken down naturally by the microorganism in the soil while the nonorganic waste cannot.

For accommodating the recycling process of the waste, the Sanitary Department provides several different waste bins in each city. But are you familiar with these different bins? Here they are:

Waste bins for hazardous waste

According to, it is necessary to provide these waste bins for disposing hazardous waste or waste that is ignitable, reactive, toxic, corrosive, radioactive and polluting. Products that produce this type of waste are LED light bulbs, bottles of chemical substances, batteries, paint cans and aerosol cans.

Waste bins for paper waste

Paper waste can be recycled into a similar product. Therefore, suggests to provide disposal bin especially for paper waste. Paper is made from the fibers taken from trees, so recycling paper means saving the trees, the earth’s main supplier of oxygen.

Waste bins for plastic waste

Similarly, the waste bins for plastic waste are getting more popular in big cities. According to, burned plastic waste is toxic. For our safety, plastic waste should be disposed into special waste bins and recycled into more environmentally-friendly products.

Waste bins for organic waste

Household waste or kitchen waste should be disposed into organic waste bins. According to, this type of waste can be easily recycled. When it is buried in the ground together with leaves, it will be broken down naturally into leaf litter or natural compost.

Waste bins for electronic waste

Not every city has provided this type of waste bins. According to, it helps the mechanics to divide the waste and select the materials that can still be used. If there is not electronic waste bin available, usually this type of waste is disposed into nonorganic waste bins.

Your city may have all these five types of waste bins. Then, let’s start using them by disposing your waste into the designated bins.

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