Four Five-Minute Healthy Game Ideas for the Little Ones

Playing with the little ones can be very exciting. Playing active games will strengthen the bond between parents and child, and it is great for health. Physical activities will also protect kids from obesity and can prevent us from developing osteoarthritis when we are older, since the bones and muscles have been trained since early age. So what are some great and exciting game ideas we can play with the kids?

1. Juggle Ball

You can make your own balls for this game by filling a balloon with nuts or grains, like rice. It will still be light enough to be thrown into the air and easy for the little kids to catch. The website suggests starting it with two balls first, then add more balls as many as they can catch.

2. Paper Plate Tennis

This fast and fun activity is great for an indoor game, say when the weather outside is not good. Tape a plate to a stick, like you are making a tennis racket. Make several sets. For the ball, use a balloon that will not break anything in the room when it is being volleyed back and forth. It’s fun and stimulates movements to keep the kids active and healthy.

3. Dance around the chairs

Besides training the muscles and bones, this fun activity also get the kids to learn how to compete. Place a few chairs in the middle of the room. The number of chairs must be less than the number of kids. Then play some children favorite songs and ask them to dance around the chairs while the music is playing. When the music is stopped, each of them must get a chair and sit on it. The kids who don’t get one lose and must get out of the game. The last kid who can stay in the game is the winner.

4. Jump on Muddy Puddle

Let the kids explore their surroundings. For instance, you can let them jump on a puddle that is left by the rain. Don’t worry about the dirt, because this is actually a healthy physical activity that is good for the immune system.

Get the little ones to wear shoes or boots and ask them to splash the puddle as far as they can. After this fun game, clean them with soap and shower them with warm water.

So try these fun ideas with your kids to keep them active and healthy. Have fun!

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