Five Tips to Stay Fit and Healthy on the Trip Home

The Eid Mubarak is around the corner, and with it comes our mass exodus tradition. We are excited to celebrate this special day with the loved ones in our hometown. But for some of us, the trip back home can be a tough one, it can be a long journey where we must face heavy traffic, possibly bad weather, and physical challenges. So, to ensure that we will arrive fit and healthy, we can try the following tips.

1. Drink green juice

Green juice can be made by combining vegetables and fruits like spinach, celery, lemon and apple. You can also add ginger to make it even healthier.   

According to an Intelligent Travel Expert from National Geographic, Annie Fitzsimmons, the nutrients in green juice has kept her fit and healthy on the road. If you are fasting, drink it at least during supper. This will make your body stronger for handling the tiring trip in the holiday traffic.

2. Bring food

This is important to anticipate being stuck in the traffic, especially the toll road, when the time comes for breaking the fast or supper. By always bringing food with you, you can eat well for breaking the fast or supper.

The website claims that wheat bread, peanut butter, fruit and low sugar juice pack can be good to bring on a trip. They are practical and have enough nutrients for recovering the energy lost during the trip. Also don’t forget to bring water to prevent dehydration.

3. Clean yourself at the rest area

The long distance can be really demanding. To stay healthy, we should not overlook the metabolism, which should be maintained well. When you arrive at a rest area, make time to clean yourself, including “unloading” at the toilet room. This will make sure you are comfortable and well during the trip, and prevent digestion problem.

4. Find the time to work out

A healthcare analyst and solo budget traveler from Portland, US, Katelyn Michaud, says that sitting in a car too long will hurt the blood circulation system. This may lead to cram, numbness, and constipation.

To avoid this, make time to do some physical activities during a trip, like taking a walk in the airport while waiting for your boarding time. If you are traveling by car, you can make a brief stop to take fresh air and relax your muscles by doing a mild aerobic exercise.

5. Get enough rest

Use your travel time for napping in the vehicle. This can keep your stamina strong and getting enough rest is always necessary during a trip. If you are driving, make a stop at a rest area to take a brief nap before continuing your trip with a fresh stamina.

If you do all the above tips altogether, you will arrive in your hometown fit and healthy. 

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