Five Tips for Getting The Little Ones To Love The Environment

If we observe the news closely, technology and environment seem to move in opposite directions. While technology keeps advancing every day, the environment suffers more severe damage. If no serious measure is taken to overcome this situation, the environmental damage will only get worse and worse.

In one perspective, the love of environment needs to be introduced among children since early age. Having good environmental perspective will at least make the children the agents of environmental preservation in the future.

Below are some of the things we can do to make the children love the environment:

Get them to help in gardening

We can get the children to love the environment by asking them to help in the garden. National Wildlife Federation (NWD) explains that gardening will instill the thought that plants need time and cared for to get them to grow and bear fruits. Gradually, the children will develop the love of the environment as they grow.

Teach them to dispose the waste properly

Cleanliness is also an important thing in preserving the environment. According to, if children, from early age, are taught to dispose waste properly, they will build a habit that they will carry on everywhere. Improperly disposed waste will not only make the environment dirty, but also can damage the ecosystem.

Involve them in recycling

Website suggests that we do not merely leave the waste for collection by the garbage collectors. We can involve the children to process it. Teach them how to recycle organic waste by burying it into the ground. Then take the leaf litter buried earlier and show it to them that the dry leaves have turned into black soil of natural compost.

Get them to have a collection of things from the nature

When you take your children for a walk in the garden, get them to interact more closely with all the things in the nature. Website presents an example of creating a herbarium out of a variety of dry leaves – a good start of making a collection of things from the nature, which is easy and fun.

Take them to explore the nature

Children learn by observing. According to, taking them to explore the nature can grow their love of the natural environment. This can be done by finding animals or little creatures in a puddle or the sand using a magnifying glass. You can also pick a yellow pumpkin, cut it in halves and explain to them about the many seeds inside. Another thing is, you can create a diorama using the things you find while exploring the nature.

These things can be done in the park, in the backyard garden or any place not too far from home. This way, you can introduce children to the nature more comfortably.

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