Five Tips for Burning Calories after Eid Mubarak Holiday Season

The most exciting part of Eid Mubarak may be the abundant foods and we usually let ourselves to eat whatever we want. Unfortunately, the traditional holiday dishes are mostly cooked with coconut milk, and excessive consumption of this will be bad for health. So to maintain your health and shape, you need to balance it with various calorie burning activities.

1. Do your house chores

Even if you rarely make a stop at the gym, doing house chores can help to burn the “holiday calories”. Shannon Griffiths, a fitness director at Lakeshore Athletic Club, Colorado, explains that house chores like sweeping the whole house, cleaning the kitchen, walking up and down the stairs for taking the laundry are quite effective to burn up to 200 calories per hour.

2. Walk up and down the stairs in the mall

Good news for those who love going to the mall. According to Rebecca Brown, a fitness specialist from Shape, the stairs in the mall can be a great way to burn calories for those who still want to enjoy the holiday moment.

Spending one hour around the mall, including walking up and down the stairs (not using the escalator), can burn up to 250 calories, assuming you keep standing up for the whole hour.

3. Go to the market

For some, going to the market for groceries may be part of the main routines after the Eid holiday. Interestingly, says Louise Chang, MD from WebMD Foundation, walking around the market for an hour can burn up to 250-300 calories. This is good news for those who have no specific time for making a trip to the gym.

4. Go jogging regularly

Jogging is an easy aerobic exercise. Julia C. Jackson, from Corporate Wellness and Personal Training, California, even says that when done regularly, jogging can burn 563 calories per hour. Meanwhile, American Heart Association added that jogging can help to keep the heart healthy.

5. Get on the ball

There are a lot of physical activities we can do using a ball. According to Fabio Comana, a fitness psychologist from American Council on Exercise in San Diego, playing football can burn 650 calories per hour. Fitness centers also offer a lot of workout variation using a ball, from push-ups, squats, crunches or leg-lifts. The combination of these moves can burn up to 352 calories per hour.

So regardless of the types of exercises you choose, the most important thing is to do it regularly for optimized calorie-burning process in the body. Let’s move and be healthy!

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