Five Tips for Bringing Cheerful Feelings to your 45-sqm Home

Everybody has a dream home. With housing in the city getting more and more expensive, a 45-sqm home can be the right choice for a lot of people, because it is affordable yet cozy. It may be a little small, but you can use these items to make all of the rooms comfortable and cheerful.

1. Mirror

Besides decorating the rooms, mirrors can make them look more spacious. You can find mirrors in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and designs to match your rooms. A big mirror decorated with a beautiful frame can be hung on the table or inserted among photo frames. It will surely catch a lot of attention from people who visit your home.

2. Pop of Colors

A plain, neutral color for the wall will make decorating easier. Choose one color for the entire wall, and then add some bright furniture or decorative items to add colors to it. For instance, a kitchen dominated with soft green color will come alive if you display bright red bowls or bright yellow mugs arranged beautifully.

3. The right furniture

Putting large furniture in a small room will only make it feel and look narrow. Avoid this mistake by measuring the dimension of your room carefully before buying the furniture. Whenever possible, have the same furniture for different uses, like a couch that can be used for storage, or a table with a lot of drawers to store your knick-knacks.

4. Multi-functioned room

Small spaces can be optimized for multiple uses. For example, put a long dining table behind the couch so that you can use the center room as a family room or dining room. You can also add a table in the kitchen so you can use it for prepping food as well as for dining. It will allow you to make the space convenient and efficient and look bigger.

5. Idle spaces

Living in a small home may force your creativity in utilizing the spaces. Any idle space in the home can be utilized for storage. For instance, the space until the stairs can be used for installing bookshelves, the space behind the door for shoes, and the corner space for plates and cups.

So Healthy People, try these ideas and enjoy your comfortable, happy home.

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