Five Healthy Tips For The Long Weekend

We always look forward to a long weekend, especially after being swamped with work every day. This is a chance for us to have some nice, relaxing break.

However, it doesn’t mean we should not watch our health. To stay fit during a long weekend, check out the following tips.

Stay calm

You may be tempted to eat all the snacks you find during a holiday. But according to taking breakfast regularly before starting your days during a long weekend can hold you from impulsive eating. Also says that a full stomach can make us emotionally stable during a holiday.

Eat fruit

Avoid scolding each other unnecessarily for small things. If the weather is hot, get refreshed by eating fresh fruit. According to Saba Zahid, RD, a nutritionist from Shore Medical Center, juicy fruits like grapes, oranges, water melon, honeydew, apple, pear and pineapple can rehydrate the body. Also, the American Journal of Psychiatry adds that the vitamins in vegetables and fruits can trigger endorphin and serotonin, the hormones that make our emotion stable and make us feel happier.

Consume protein

If you choose to go on a picnic, bring foods rich in protein. Nicole Praschak-Rieder, MD, in her article published in General Psychiatry, mentions protein-rich foods like turkey, milk, soy cake and other soy products like soy milk. This is because these foods contain L-tryptophan, which can help the production of serotonin, a “happy” hormone that can prevent stress during the weekend.

Get happier with sports

Sports will not only make your body more fit, but also your mind fresher. This is based on a study by American Journal of Psychiatry, which says that sports can increase endorphin in the blood. When the blood has flowed to the brain, it will create good mood.

According to, this is why people who like sports are generally happier than lazier people. Therefore, take up physical activities like going jogging on a weekend morning, to stay happy along the holiday.

Get enough sleep before and after the long weekend

Before the weekend comes, get enough sleep of eight hours at night. According to, a good night sleep helps the production of melatonin. This hormone makes us feel fresh when we wake up from a sleep. Furthermore, says that getting enough sleep will make us more emotionally stable and less stressed, so we can avoid being too sensitive and cranky. So get enough sleep to be able to enjoy your weekend. Then sleep another eight hours after the holiday to be fresh the next day, and ready to start your activities for the week.

Try applying these five tips, you will stay fit and happy before and after the weekend.

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