Five Great Ideas for Celebrating Happy Moments with the Family

Family happiness is a very important thing for all of us. Sharing happy moments like birthdays, graduations, births, religious holidays, or other personal moments with the whole family can always contribute to glue us together as a happy family. Let’s take a look at some great ideas for celebrating the happy family moments.

1. Family dining

We often celebrate happy moments with food. But instead of having your family eat together at a restaurant, why not gather the whole family to have a healthy breakfast together. Simple but healthy foods and drinks, like oatmeal, porridge, salads, vegetable dishes, muffins, and healthy juice drinks can make a great feast. You can involve the family members in the prepping, from buying the ingredients, cooking and serving the dishes on the table.

2. Family vacation

When the calendar gives us a long holiday season, how does the idea of going on a trip together sound to you? You can go somewhere not too far from home, but it will still be a great fun and excitement to the whole family. Say, rent a villa near the beach or camp around a cool mountain area. A tour and travel agency can help with organizing the trip, to free you from all the hassles. Don’t forget to bring a camera to document these special moments with your loved ones.

3. Garden Party

Nice, beautiful weather is all it takes for a cheerful family day. Spice it up by setting a dress code like Hawaiian or rainbow themes and doing fun activities like karaoke, photos, or arisan (drawing lot). The family will be happy and everyone will be closer to each other.

4. Gift exchange

Express your love and affection by giving each other special gifts on special days, like on religious holidays. They need not to be expensive, but giving something needed or wanted by your loved ones is a simple gesture that goes a long way. If you thing you’re not good at picking a gift, a box of chocolate in a beautiful wrap or shopping vouchers can be a great gift, Healthy People!

5. Family movie time

While you gather at home, it’s fun to watch some movies together. Wear your favorite pajamas or get comfortable in casual clothes and get everyone to the family room for the movies. It’s even more exciting if you can rent a projector and watch the movies on the porch, while enjoying some snacks like peanuts, popcorns and milkshakes. Don’t forget to choose movies for all ages.

Hopefully these ideas will inspire you in celebrating your family happiness and togetherness.

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