Five Exciting Activities during the Eid Mubarak Holiday

For all Moslems, perhaps nothing is more exciting than welcoming Eid Mubarak, after devoting themselves to fasting in the holy month. On this day of victory, we can eat any time, and more importantly, we can celebrate it with the whole family. Here we want to share several activities that you can do with your family to make the holiday more memorable.

1. Visiting relatives and neighbors

Take a walk together to visit your relatives or the neighbors around you. According to, walking is the easiest physical activity, yet it brings abundant rewards to the health. For children, walking can optimize their development and can get the body to move after eating too much.

2. Biking in the countryside

While visiting your hometown, take some time to bike around the countryside. The green rice fields and cool, fresh air can relax the mind. Also, the research of the University of Virginia says that biking is effective for stimulating body movements and keeping us healthy.

3. Cleaning the house together

Eid Mubarak is a special moment that needs to be prepared well, including making sure our home is clean. While we are looking forward to welcoming the guests, cleaning can be an exciting family activity.

According to, cleaning is good for burning calories, just like other forms of exercises that are great for fitness. If you visit your hometown, get your family to clean the grand-parents’ home while having some nostalgic moment to get to know the family home.

4. Playing traditional games

This can be an exciting activity in the hometown. Mag Cox, a psychologist and the writer of The Book of New Family Tradition: How to Create Great Rituals for Holiday & Everyday, says that traditional games will not only introduce children to a culture, but also will it help to build fitness from the various physical moves.

5. Preparing holiday feast

In Indonesia, celebrating Eid Mubarak will not be complete without the rice cakes and other traditional dishes. Involve your family in preparing this holiday feast.

According to Lawrence Cohen, a clinical psychologist from WebMD Foundation, cooking is an exciting activity and helps to burn calories while building the intimacy. At the end, we will get delicious feast and fitness after this physical activity in the kitchen.

So, let’s make this Eid Mubarak a memorable moment with these exciting, healthy activities. We wish you all Happy Eid Mubarak.

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