Five Brain Exercises for Improving Brain Power

The word “exercise” always reminds us of the physical activities with various moves people often do to stay fit and healthy. Yes, and this activity is great not only for staying healthy, but also for optimizing and strengthening the brain functions, says

However, a type of exercise introduced by Paul and Gail Dennison is different from general exercises. This exercise, called brain gym, involves simple hand exercises.

According to Cecilia Koester from, this activity is good for stimulating brain functions, improving the blood circulation to the brain, and strengthening the memory power. Let’s check out these five easy and simple brain exercises, quoted from

1. Place both palms on the chest, then stretch all your fingers. Attach all fingertips of both left and right hands, but keep your palms from touching each other. Then move each of your thumbs in a circular motion to the front and the back, like pedaling a bike. Do this with an increasing speed for a few minutes. Then continue with other fingers.

2. Again, place both palms in front of your chest, then stretch your right palm, while your left hand makes a position to shape like a gun. Direct your left pointing finger towards your right palm, and then do the same with your right pointing finger. Do this back and forth and increase the speed.

3. Position your right palm on your head and left palm on the abdomen. Then move your right hand to tap your hair, while your left hand moves in a circular motion on the abdomen simultaneously for a few minutes. Do this back and forth and increase the speed.

4. Take a seating position and then put both palms on your thighs. Clench your right palm and fist your thighs. Simultaneously, put your left palm to face your thighs and move it back and forth like you are caressing. Do this for both palms, and increase the speed.

5. Put both hands straight in front of your chest while the fingertips of your left and right pointing fingers point forward. Move you right fingertip in a circular motion, while your left pointing finger moves to shape a box simultaneously. Do this back and forth and increase the speed.

So Healthy People, these are the five brain gym movements you can try to exercise your concentration and focus, and strengthen your brain power.

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