Family Recreation at Five Exciting Places in Bogor

The long weekend is around the corner. This is a great time to get together and enjoy the holiday with the family. It’s nice to hang out outside the home, but if you are bored of going to places in Jakarta, Bogor may be a great destination because it has these exciting places:

1. Kuntum Nurseries

At the long weekend, the kids may say they are bored because they don’t have anything fun to do. Take them to Kuntum Nurseries at Jalan Raya Tajur, Bogor. This agritourism site combines the nursery, education and recreation. Here, kids can touch the animals, learn about the plants and take home organic fruits. It’s fun and educating.

2. Jungleland Adventure Theme Park

It’s not surprising that the Jungleland Adventure Theme Park is one of the favorite destination for families. There are a lot of rides the kids can visit in four zones: Carnivalia, Tropicalia, Mysteria and Explora. What’s more, the games here are not only exciting, but also they provide interactive learning media.

3. Matahari Recreation & Education Park

Comprehensive! This is the right word to express Matahari Recreation & Education Park located in Puncak, Bogor. With the words Recreation and Education Park, this family recreational spot has a lot of rides and facilities that can be enjoyed by the family members of all ages.

One of the most favorite rides is the water ride that offers a lot of exciting and interesting attractions, from Matahari Waterpark, Arung Jeram, Water Ball, boats, to a mini swimming pool for kids.

4. Mekarsari Fruit Garden

By its name, we can guess that it has quite a lot of collection of fruit plants. Here, kids can get to know more about the world of plants and fruits by observing them directly and even picking and tasting the fruits in season. To make the holiday more memorable, try the waterpark, which is claimed to be the largest in Asia.

5. Sindangbarang Cultural Village

Besides enjoying the nature tourism, you can observe and learn about the Sundanese culture at Sindangbarang Cultural Village. When you visit this village located in Desa Pasir Eurih, Kecamatan Tamansari, Bogor, you will be welcomed by a group of women playing angklung. You will also find six traditional rice barns on one side of the village.

You can walk around the village and learn jaipong dance and the traditional musical instruments. Feel how it’s like living in a Sundanese village. You can try pounding the rice, catching the fish, or some traditional games. Very exciting!

You don’t need to go too far on your family vacation. Just take a visit to Bogor, which has a lot of beautiful, interesting and educating recreational places. 

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