Burn Calories with Zumba Fitness

There's no reason for us not to move. As humans, it is crucial for us to move around and not to remain idle. A sedentary life style or lack of movement invites many diseases. No to mention a rich diet of tasty food can lead to a build-up of unhealthy fat and not moving will only worsen our health condition. Body movement cam bring more than ten benefits to our health. However, Zumba Fitness will give you more.

An average daily fitness routine burn 300 calories, which is equivalent to one cup of ice cream, however, people’s daily calories intake is on average more than that. This is the reason why we need to add more physical activities to our routine to burn more calories so that we can decrease our body fat. When excess body fat continues to build-up in our body, it will increase the risk of suffering from coronary heart disease and stroke. Being over-weight may cause a lot of diseases, including cancer, if we don’t prevent it.

Fitness and recreation

The interesting feature of Zumba Fitness is that it combines dance and exercise to motivate participants into actively moving their body. Zumba Fitness is composed from a combination of salsa, tango, cha-cha and belly dancing. The body weight is distributed in such a way that strengthens bones and muscles in addition to restoring the metabolism of calcium; more than you could possibly achieve from swimming or cycling.

One hour of Zumba fitness can burn up to 600 calories. Not only does Zumba Fitness burn excess calories, it also makes muscles and joints more flexible; and more importantly helps to promote a happy and relaxing soul as active interaction between the participants during the exercise can release stress.

The daily calories intake of a regular person is approximately 2,200 calories and most of it is used for metabolic needs (basal metabolism), the rest is used for active movement of the body. The weight remains stable if the calories outtake is equal to the calories intake from our eating habits.

If weight gain continues, there are two options that can be taken: reduce your daily calories intake or maintain daily physical activity or meal portions, while maintaining your exercise routine, this is where Zumba Fitness can help.

Beware of chest pain and/or asphyxia

A measurement for the different physical fitness levels is; normally for low impact fitness, exercise can be done while singing. At medium impact we can carry on a conversation doing exercise. However, when we are undergoing high impact fitness, it will most likely be impossible to speak during exercise.

Do not carry on your exercise if you feel a pain in your chest or asphyxia. While fulfilling our passion for dancing while doing fitness, we can sometimes become unaware of our own physical limitations. Chest pain and asphyxia act as a sign that there are problems in your heart and lungs. Be sure not to ignore it before it is too late. ***

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