Activities to Bring the Family Closer in the Holy Month of Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadhan is the best moment for spending quality time with our family. A lot of companies reduce the work hours so the employees can leave earlier. We can take this moment to get closer with other family members by doing various activities.

1. Breaking the fast together

Having dinner together with the whole family can be difficult for some families. Because we can go home earlier during the holy month, use this opportunity for breaking the fast together. According to, family meals can help to build family bonding because there is a great chance to open up with opinions or stories.

2. Praying Tarawih together

Tarawih prayer in the holy month is also a great moment for the family to unite in a spiritual activity that will not only create contentment, but also will it make the whole family happy and bond more strongly.

3. Cooking together

Involve your family when you prepare the Ramadhan feast, both for breaking of the fast and supper. Elena Aguilar, a Transformational Leadership Coach from Oakland, California, explains that involving the family in the kitchen can create the bonding between children and parents. Also, cooking can build children’s creativity, especially the children with culinary talent.

4. Visiting an orphanage

The holy month is also a great moment for making a visit to an orphanage. Take your family to the visit. says that charitable activities with the family can build positive solidarity in the family.

Besides, this will also build the social empathy among the children and make the whole family members more thankful of what they have, more willing to share what they have, and more caring of others.

5. Enjoying the quality time with the family

For some families, quality family time can be a luxury within their very busy activities. The slowing down in the holy month can be used for doing various exciting activities that can build the closeness, bonding and intimacy in the family. According to, spending this quality time by watching movies together, sharing stories or chanting the Koran together can add reward from God.

So, try those activities for stronger family bonding during the holy month. Wish you a blessed Ramadhan, Healthy People.  

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