45 Tips for a Happy Home

A happy home is filled with love and laughter.

This sentence marks the importance of lighting the sparks of happiness at home and in the family. We want to share these 45 tips that you can try to make your home more cheerful and colorful.

1. Make your bed

Gretchen Rubin, the writer of The Happiness Project, says this simple habit that only takes a few minutes of your mornings can have a great impact on your happiness. In a positive way, of course.

2. Keep your rooms tidy

According to Marilyn Paul, who wrote It’s Hard to Make a Difference When You Can’t Find Your Keys, a cluttered room is a source of stress. Invest a few minutes for every room to bring them back to “ready”.

3. Display sentimental items

Things like photos, souvenirs, or plagues can take us back to some beautiful, nostalgic moments that bring some happy smiles and laughter.

4. Keep a journal

Sarah Ban Breathnach, the writer of Simple Abundance, recommends writing anything you’re thankful for before hitting the sack. Do this regularly and you’ll bring that positive aura to your home.

5. Get some fun entertainment while doing chores

Play some music while cleaning the home, or make it into a fun activity for the family. It is easier and more enjoyable, and you’ll finish the task more quickly.

6. Set your intents for the day

When you wake up in the morning, set your intents for the day, such as saying thanks more often, or bake some cake for the little ones. This will make you more productive and enjoy your time at home.

7. Do small favors for your partner

Brighten your days by doing small but special favors for your partner, like making him some warm drink or surprising him with a “good morning” card at an unexpected place.

8. Call a family member or a friend

Instead of feeling bored while cleaning the house, call a relative or friend while doing it.

9. Make some smart investment with your money

Spend your money for some nice grill or DVD player you can use to entertain friends or relatives at home.

10. Spare some time for your spiritual being

Spare a few minutes first thing in the morning to pray and thank God for the new day. This will give you the positive feelings to run your day.

11. Decorate your home with plants and flowers

Other than purifying the air circulating in your home, plants and flowers will also add colors to your room. But don’t forget to water them every day, Healthy People.

12. Choose the right colors for your wall

Choose the right colors for the right moods, such as light brown for your bed and green for your dining room.

13. Make it personal!

You don’t need to spend a lot of money for expensive artworks. You can make the rooms more intimate and cozy by hanging your family pictures.

14. Light it up

Light has a huge effect on mood, behavior, and even health. Poor lighting can cause depression, stress, and can even be bad for our immune system.

15. Greet your family members

We can follow the way Gretchen Rubin adds happiness to her home, by welcoming and saying goodbye to our family members when they get into and out of the door.

16. Keep healthy snacks at home

Maintain your happy mood by keeping some healthy snacks like dark chocolate, fruits and nuts.

17. Keep regular exercises

Physical exercises can make us more relax and keep a good mood. You can do it at home by following an aerobic video, doing yoga, or dancing with the music.

18. Read books

According to daringtolivefully.com, research shows that reading can reduce stress and improve our mood. Use a room corner as you reading chamber and put in a bookshelf.

19. Do some repairs yourself

You don’t need to do major renovation. You can do simple things like replacing your lamp shade, painting your plant pots, or repairing a leaking roof by yourself. You’ll get that great satisfaction from the feeling of achievement.

20. Add mood-inducer scent in the rooms

Use home fragrance or aromatherapy candles to fill your room with a nice scent – lavender, sandalwood, or lemon – to induce a good mood.

21. Be friendly to your neighbor

Bringing some food over or saying hello to your neighbors can grow a warm relationship with them. The neighborhood will feel more comfortable and cozy.

22. Get into gardening

According to the polling by Gardener’s World Magazine, 87% of the people who spend more than six hours a week for gardening are happier than those who do not. Even if you don’t have a large space, you can still plant flowers in pots.

23. Deal with problems lightly

Don’t get upset too easily over small things because such attitude will increase stress, which is bad for health. Let’s start to deal with problems more lightly.

24. Get things done

Do you always feel you don’t have enough time to organize your closet or arrange your photos? Spare a short 15 minutes a day to get things done little by little. Before you know it, they are all done!

25. Reduce the use of gadgets gadget

When you’re at home, don’t put your attention too much on your gadgets. Instead, use this precious time to build and maintain your relationship with the family.

26. Decorate your house with your own taste

Trust your gut! Decorate the house as you like it. You can choose your own style like ethnic, classic, or modern.

27. Curvy furniture

According to housebeautiful.com, curvy furniture can create a softer and cheerful impression. You can put some curves at the legs of your tables or chairs to add this effect.

28. Present neutral ambiance in the seating area

Maintain a neutral ambiance in the seating area of your home by choosing soft colors and avoid having too many patterns so that the room doesn’t look too busy and messy.

29. Add colors to the front part of your home

First impression counts. Choose paint or decoration with bold colors for the front part of your home. This will create the impression that you welcome your guests warmly and happily.

30. Go bold!

According to designer David Netto, the smaller the room, the bolder the decoration should be. Decorate your small rooms with bright wallpaper or paint.

31. Recycle

Try taking some part in the movement to keep the environment clean and green. You will feel better about yourself and your home will be cleaner and tidier.

32. Less is more

Get rid of the clutters to keep your home clean and well-organized.

33. Let the sunshine in

In the morning, open your doors and windows to let the sun in. It’s relaxing and good for health.

34. Change your bulbs

The sharp, strong light produced by old-style light bulbs can cause a headache. It may be a good idea to replace it with energy-saving bulbs.

35. Install a blackout curtain

If you have trouble sleeping, hang a blackout curtain that can block that strong sunlight. You will have better sleep and better moods.

36. Flip your mattress

Got a back pain? Flip your mattress 2-4 times a year to prevent it from forming that harmful body impression.

37. Storing and organizing

Do you often go crazy when you can’t find things you need? This is a good time to start organizing your stuff. You will save time and reduce stress.

38. Get rid of insects

Isn’t it annoying when your home is infested by ants or other insects? Try mixing apple vinegar and kitchen soap in a bowl, then place it in the kitchen to keep them away.

39. Get comfortable chairs

Invest more money on good quality chairs, especially those you sit on in the living room where you spend quality time with the family.

40. Clean your rugs

The rugs you in your home will collect dust and get damp over time. Take them out and clean them regularly.

41. Clean your windows

Don’t let your views blocked by dirty windows. Always have your glass cleaner ready and clean your windows regularly.

42. Make artworks

Use your spare time for creating some artworks that you can display at home. It can be a good hobby that will make you proud of your home.

43. Enjoy cooking

Making your favorite foods can be a good activity in your spare time and improve your moods.

44. Get rid of unused furniture

Rather than letting the unused furniture take up your space, you may consider selling or donating it.

45. Only use safe cleaning solutions

Make sure you only use safe chemical solutions for cleaning your home.

These few tips may be good for keeping your home clean, comfortable and cheerful.

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